Curved ship windows of plastic

Next to our standard hardened safety glass windows we can also provide you with acrylic/plexiglass ones.

The collaboration with our partner the Bootruitspecialist has been strengthened in the past years.
TOPwindows increasingly receives requests about curved marine windows that can’t always be made from hardened glass. Therefore it’s a wonderful addition that since 2015 we can deliver almost all pre-curved windows, from hardened glass to Plexiglas. As a result the range is expanded to include curved windscreens, deck hatches, curved deck hatches, strongly pre-curved sailboat windows, entrance doors etc…
For more information you can contact Folkert Roest at TOPwindows or René Muller at the Bootruitspecialist.

Below is some information from the Bootruitspecialist. See also

Acrylic glass Marine window in need of replacement?

Acrylic/plexi glass Marine windows don’t last forever and due to exposure to the wind and the weather they eventually need replacing. Often it’s difficult or no longer possible to order these windows through the regular channels. The Bootruitspecialist has over time specialised in delivering all kinds of window-panes, from flat, lightly curved to extremely shaped. With our 3D measuring equipment we are able to digitally measure window-panes, thereby guaranteeing the fit. We deliver marine windows, windscreens, deck hatches, sliding hatches, and portholes from speedboat to luxury yacht !

We offer the complete solution

We do not only deliver windows, the installation is also possible, meaning one-stop shopping for you. We deliver and install windows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

NEW!! Hard coated

99% of all marine windows is fabricated from cast acrylates. The disadvantage of acrylate is that it’s slightly scratch sensitive. Applying a hard coat to both sides of the window-pane reduces scratching to a minimum.
For more information call +31 30 8201124 or visit

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