Unique characteristics

Are the rubber ship window frames in your boat or ship in need of replacement? Or have you had enough of the condensation on your window frames? Does this condensation cause fungus, weathering or rotting of the wood around your windows and on the windowsills? That can change! Prevent this hassle and choose for windows with TOPwindows’ patented synthetic frame. In addition, the window produced by TOPwindows has many more advantages…

No condensation

Aluminium frames condense and damage the wood of your interior panelling. Our window frames do not condense.

Thermal resistance keeps warmth inside

Aluminium is a poor insulator, causing warmth to leave your boat instantly. The thermal insulation value of TOPwindows’ synthetic window frames is high. Thanks to this property you save considerably on your ‘heating bill’.

Ease and safety

Installing new windows in your boat or ship can be achieved very easily, thanks to the many advantages of TOPwindows:

• We determine the measurements for the new windows using our 2D measuring equipment, based on your old
• no more making of moulds, so the old windows don’t have to be disassembled and reinstalled
• simple clamp ring installation
• the TOPwindows window is easily uninstalled
• hinged and sliding windows and insect screen constructions possible
• removal of insect screen unnecessary when opening the sliding window
• the TOPwindows window is fire retardant
• fitting by our specialists is possible

Choice of glass and colour

We consider it important that you choose the window that best suits your boat or ship. You can choose between single and double glazing. The glass is available in several colours, as is the frame. There is a choice of 5 different colours (if in stock):

• light grey (alu-look)
• anthracite
• crème (RAL 9001)
• dark blue (RAL5011)
• black (RAL 9005)

Luxury appearance

Quality is of highest importance. But of course there’s something to be said for style. We know this better than anyone. That’s why we add just that little bit extra to your boat or ship with our windows from TOPwindows. The windows have a professional appearance and have a super tight finish. Due to the simple snap join there are no screws or clamp grips visible.

Wall thickness

There is 1 frame for a wall thickness of 4-18 mm.

Payment condition

At TOPwindows, thanks to our mobile pin device, you can now also easily pay on location. We use the following payment conditions:
• 50% deposit upon order.
• 50% residual payment with product readiness.
The costs for measuring your ship’s window will be charged to you by TOPwindows.

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