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  • Type of window

  • Colour of profile

  • Colour of glazing

  • Single / Double glazed window
    • Single glazing is standard.
    • Double glazing advantages:
    1. No more condensation on panes.
    2. Optimal insulation.
    3. Additional soundproofing.

  • Glazing material
    PMMA is the abbreviation for Polymethyl methacrylate, which is a methyl methacrylate polymer. This transparent thermoplastic is better known under the trade names Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas and Oroglas, but also simply as acrylate.PMMA should be selected when the surface in which the window is to be installed is (partly) curved.

  • Glazing thickness
    • 6mm is used as standard.
    • 8mm is optional and is used for seagoing vessels.

  • Mitered corners
    A mitred corner window is a window in which one or more corners are sawn into mitred angles, which can come in varying degrees.
    Making a mitred corner window is more labour-intensive than making a window with curved corners, which is why this type of window is more expensive.

  • Bow
    A radius bend is a curved/circular corner. Radius bends can be curved from radius 55 mm and upwards.

  • Insect screen
    Screens are only available for sliding windows.
    Screens are easy to click onto the window profile by means of a magnetic connection.
    A major benefit of a TOPwindows sliding window screen is that it always stays in place, both when opening and closing the window!
    The screens are also extremely easy to remove.

  • Maximum dimensions
    Enter the maximum width and maximum height of the desired marine window.

  • Measuring window digitally
    € 50,00 per window

  • Mounting windows by TOPwindows

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