If you’re looking for new marine windows, you can choose from a variety of providers. So what makes us so different? Why would you choose TOPwindows?

Innovation and quality

TOPwindows’ marine windows are completely innovative. The synthetic window frame offers great advantages compared to the current rubber or aluminium frames, such as:

-No condensation on the acrylic frame
-No corrosion of the frame
-Five variations in frame colours
-Complete insulation solution combined with double glazing
-Many options ( glass colours, openable windows, glass thicknesses etc.)
-Custom made
-Digitally measured on location, without disassembling the old windows
-Full service possible by fitting the new windows on location

The price in relation to the product is absolutely competitive, even more if you take into account that Topwindows is the only manufacturer in these materials. We deliver our products with a five years full warranty.er our products with a five years full warranty.

Widespread dealer network

With dealers spread throughout the entire Netherlands and expanding throughout Europe, there’s always a dealer nearby. At this moment our dealer network is successfully expanding in Germany, England, Denmark and Sweden. Whatever your location, we can provide to your needs.


Our choice for synthetic frames for marine windows came at the request of our customers.
We listen to the wishes of our customers, and try to solve their specific challenges. Every Topwindow product is made to customers specifications. We produce one-off’ products as well as series, every single window is treated equally

Trustworthy partnership

A deal’s a deal, that’s what we stand for.