No ship is equal in size and the workable conditions differ with each ship. Furthermore, the maintenance condition varies. These factors can cause unexpected suprises during the placing of new windows .

TOPwindows will give you a price for the placement of the windows in advance. This ensures the client has certainty about the costs before the placing. In order to calculate the right price, TOPwindows assumes the new windows can be placed in a simple way and that the conditions on the ship are optimal, so that the servicemen can start upon arrival.

The removing of the old windows will be your responsibility, unless a different option is discussed and agreed upon in advance.

For a smooth transition and to prevent a rise in costs, TOPwindows has the next few conditions:

The measuring of the windows

The exact measuring of the windows will be executed by a servicemen of TOPwindows at a location in The Netherlands by your choice. TOPwindows gives a 100% guarantee in measuring.
In some cases, digital drawings made by the CAD can be delivered to us as replacement, but only in consultation. In this case, the measuring on location is unnecessary and the windows will be produced according to the digital drawings.


It is your responsibility to remove the old windows and to repair the rusty and damaged places on the wall. This must be done in advance of the placement of the new windows. Please note, it is of importance that newly applied dye has dried and has hardened before the placement of the new windows. TOPwindows takes not responsibility for rust or the flaking off of the dye.

However, in discussion and agreement with us, it is possible for TOPwindows to remove and, in some cases, restore the walls. Please be aware that this causes a rising in costs. This is only possible if indicated by the request of the proposition and if discussed with the servicemen before the measuring of the windows. Please send pictures of the situation in advance to clarify the situation.

The mounting

The installation of the new windows will always happen by TOPwindows servicemen on a location in The Netherlands (chosen by you). TOPwindows gives a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years after mounting of the windows.

All kinds of windows must be installed upon straight walls (so no bend ones). This goes especially for sliding windows and hinged windows. In case of a different situation, please discuss the possibilities with us beforehand.

The lining of the inner walls must be made of a hard material at all times and has to be an insulating or a non-conducting layer. Because of this, there will be no installment of windows on “cold” conducting materials and the installment of the clamping profile has a higher chance of success.

In case of tilt or top-hinged windows, the radius of the hole has a maximum of 75. These windows are always installed with the use of silicone kit.

Hinged arched top windows are not possible. There is an option of adjustment, in which it becomes an window party fixed and partly hinged window. Please discuss with us in advance and we will explain the options.

If you decide not improve the conditions of the walls (even when it is needed). TOPwindows will place the windows over bad spots, which can prevent leakage.

Service and Guarantee

In case of a defect on our side, please contact us immediately by using the email of our servicemen:
Please explain your problem clearly and add pictures of the problem so our servicemen get a better understanding of the situation and can act accordingly.
TOPwindows promotes itself with its service. Service and cases about guarantees will get our best attention. Therefore, servicemen will contact you as soon as possible and together we will find the best solution.
If there is a leakage, please be sure to keep the consequential loss to a bare minimum.

The Upkeeping of TOPwindows ship windows

Our windows require a small amount of upkeeping. The drainage of the sliding windows has to be cleaned regularly to prevent leakage. This also applies with the rubbers of the hinged windows.

Terms of Delivery

The windows of TOPwindows are produced and delivered according to the terms of delivery of TOPwindows. These are deposited at the Kamer van Koophandel Noord-Nederland in Groningen on the day of the 28th of August 2012 with the number 20166203 and will be send to you by request.
TOPwindows is a brand name of Dutch Global Sourcing B.V.