The men behind DGS

Job Waleson, managing director:

Job is responsible for production and development. His background as an engineer in a big polymer processing company gave him the experience needed for developing the Topwindows products.
His knowledge of the materials and processing them, guarantees a well finished product.
Job works with a motivated crew to produce all Topwindows products in our factory.

Folkert Roest, commercial director:

The commercial activities are the responsibility of Folkert.
After many years of trading, chartering and building boats he sought the challenge with his two partners to start DGS. Next to planning all commercial activity’s, he’s the point of contact for dealers and customers. Being responsible for the dealer network and sales, Folkert is your partner in discussing all commercial aspects.

Auke Pul, financial director:

Auke is the third partner. Not as visible as the others, but equally important.
Together with Job and Folkert he determines the direction of the company, and coordinates the financial aspects of the company.

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