Boating is a passion. For us at TOPwindows this passion goes further than a sport or hobby, we have made it our work. Due to our years of experience in yacht building and recreation, we know what’s good and what can be better. That’s how TOPwindows came into being, we recognized that there were some improvements to made in marine windows, After experiencing for years that condensation on boat windows was still an unsolved problem, we developed a completely new way and material of producing windows.
We now produce unique synthetic framed marine windows for both sports and commercial vessels. These windows definitely increase the comfort on your boat.

Widespread dealer network

With dealers wide spread over the Netherlands we can provide our home market with quick service and perfect delivery. But our ambition reaches further, within a few years we want to be represented throughout Europe. For this we’re looking for dealers who are just as motivated and committed as we are.

Choose TOPwindows

Are you interested in working with an innovative, professional and trustworthy partner in the maritime sector?
Do you have the capacity to market our products in your region ?
Then come aboard!

TOPwindows stands for:
• innovation and quality in marine windows
• custom made
• short delivery time, production in-house
• wide spreading dealer network expanding throughout Europe
• customer-oriented
• trustworthy partnership
• durable products